Wednesday, December 17, 2008

moehawks, shrinky dinks and my adventures late into the night

Lately I have had a hard time sleeping, but because I am SOOOOO excited about a knitting/crochet/craft project.


it consumes me!

So late last night I whipped up this apple hat as per request from an old school chum of mine

I think my camera is wonky since all the pics I took tilting the camera came out WAYYY weird. My head went into conehead area...creepy...and defiantly not post worthy *LOL*

Then I saw a few Mohawk knitted hats on the craftster forum and I checked into the "Pretty in Punk" book but I wanted to make it NOW...that and I don't know how to knit very well yet, making a hat seems scary *ooooohh shivers* so I decided to make my own creation with acrylic yarn and crochet.

It came out "okay", not really sure I like the design of it. I think it could use a tighter stitch and the hawk looks short awkward. Maybe it's just me...

also in the wee hours I decided I needed some fancy shrinky dink knitting stitch markers, so I did. Just pulled them out of the oven...

*smells the warm plastic*'s going to be a good day :3

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