Thursday, December 11, 2008

Knit skull Headwarmer

I finally broke down a few days ago and self taught myself Fair isle knitting. It's not all that hard but it is kind wonky at first. It tends to bunch and it looks kinda bad from the back side (only when working with larger blocks of color mind you

here is my second attempt at Fair isle, not too shappy. I (mostly) followed this Pattern from RockinKNit

it looks odd as it is still wet from my first attempt at blocking. Pretty happy with it :) Skullz are cool

This was my first attempt, you can see where I botched on the boarder but in all it came out okay. I still need how to cast on better and make and edge so the edges don't curl so bad. I learned that switching to smaller needles is a BEEOTCH and I don't care for it....

no sir...not at all

All this knitting has me in a fever, I have several circular sets of needles *and no idea how to properly use them* and only two sets of regular needles, planning on investing on some double pointed needles in the near future as i have evil plans to make skull hats and mittens from the most excellent site

I have to add that unless I am going to post my stuff on Deviantart I will no longer be posting pics on myface or facenook, seems like overkill don't you think? Blogging feels good...mmm...mmm...good so all my tasty items will be here from here on out. WHoopie!

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