Friday, December 12, 2008

Cause Girls just wanna have fun...and knit

(my nuts, let me show them too you)
Crochet acorn amigurumi, own design

Today was a pretty busy day for me. I took my last college final, next semester I plan on going part I don't lose all my marbles :P

While waiting for my teacher to show up *yeah, she shows up for finals over 15 minutes late!* all I could think about was my knitting project at home.

Been working on that pirate hat from and it's coming along pretty well, even though I messed up on the counting and I mixed up the pattern in one spot it looks pretty tight and the yarn isn't bunching as of yet. Sadly it is a either it's going to be a pink purple skull hat for a large headed person or it might make a kick ass bag for me *who knows!* I have only a few inches of it done, even after 12 hours put into it. Man, knitting takes forever, but it looks so pretty!

but anyways, it would have been nice to have my knitting with me, if only I would have known she was going to be late! After final I had work, then pick up kid, then go to store to find present for birthday party to attend, eat, go to roller skating party then target then home. whew...I am beat....

but am I too tired to knit?


here are my cool links for the day
another obession of mine PAPERCRAFT!

Folding Trees, a wonderful blog with great paper craft ideas for the artsy fartsy person in all of us!

cubecraft, find your favorite tv charecters plus robots, monsters, santa, indiana jones, godzilla etc etc here and all made of paper!

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