Friday, October 19, 2012

Slight Ramble of New stuff

wow. Has it really been that long since I last posted? Oh dear. Not having an internet connection at home, going through a separation and quitting my job really made a mess of this thing I call life.

But all is well and time marches on and things get better in the end.

Lots of new things to share with you.

New job career! At night I haunt a local hotel doing night audit but during the evenings I am at Indigo Body Art Gallery working as an piercing apprentice! I have spent the last 9 months working at Indigo but only recently upgraded to a piercer. Many new and fun things to come and I have to say I cannot wait for the day where I can quit my hotel job and work full time at the shop. It will be some time but eventually I will be working on my tattoo apprenticing as well.

I have been teaching so many people to knit that soon the world will be full of handmade items! Seems like both genders are now taking a keen interest in knitting and crocheting and it really makes me happy! Recently I taught my boyfriend how to knit and so far he has made five hats! On the downside he still feels like it isn't a "manly" hobby ....oh well.

Knitting is in my blood right now. Working on numerous projects but my biggest endeavor was a knitted vest with a shawl collar. It didn't quite come out how I wanted it too but at least I tried. Once it is blocked it will find a nice new home with my roommate. Then I will work on another one just for me! The pattern was .Sequoia from the ravelry library.

I have a gazillion things people have asked me to make for them . But sadly, I just can't keep up! I have so many but I am a silly bunny and never ask for payment before I make it.

Here is a list of my current projects

hello kitty blanket of doom
gobby amigurumi
striped hat for daddy and son
8 bit granny square blanket
camouflage  zig zag crochet blanket
pink baby blanket
knee high legwarmers

oh my....alot harder to look at then just put aside in my yarn bin!

Time to buckle down and get the stuff out of my house!

That's yet another problem I have. Not enough room! Since my fiance and I broke up and I moved in with my roommate I just don't have enough room for all my craft stuffs! In my old house I had two rooms basically full of craft stuff. Once room was my craft room and the other was where I crafted. After 4 months I still have yet to get all my stuff from my Ex's house. He is a sweetheart and doesnt long as I make him a new hat for winter.

well...thats it for now. My ramble at the wee hours of the morning.....night shift is awful on my grammar and writing skills but it is nice to be able to knit small projects.