Friday, October 19, 2012

Slight Ramble of New stuff

wow. Has it really been that long since I last posted? Oh dear. Not having an internet connection at home, going through a separation and quitting my job really made a mess of this thing I call life.

But all is well and time marches on and things get better in the end.

Lots of new things to share with you.

New job career! At night I haunt a local hotel doing night audit but during the evenings I am at Indigo Body Art Gallery working as an piercing apprentice! I have spent the last 9 months working at Indigo but only recently upgraded to a piercer. Many new and fun things to come and I have to say I cannot wait for the day where I can quit my hotel job and work full time at the shop. It will be some time but eventually I will be working on my tattoo apprenticing as well.

I have been teaching so many people to knit that soon the world will be full of handmade items! Seems like both genders are now taking a keen interest in knitting and crocheting and it really makes me happy! Recently I taught my boyfriend how to knit and so far he has made five hats! On the downside he still feels like it isn't a "manly" hobby ....oh well.

Knitting is in my blood right now. Working on numerous projects but my biggest endeavor was a knitted vest with a shawl collar. It didn't quite come out how I wanted it too but at least I tried. Once it is blocked it will find a nice new home with my roommate. Then I will work on another one just for me! The pattern was .Sequoia from the ravelry library.

I have a gazillion things people have asked me to make for them . But sadly, I just can't keep up! I have so many but I am a silly bunny and never ask for payment before I make it.

Here is a list of my current projects

hello kitty blanket of doom
gobby amigurumi
striped hat for daddy and son
8 bit granny square blanket
camouflage  zig zag crochet blanket
pink baby blanket
knee high legwarmers

oh my....alot harder to look at then just put aside in my yarn bin!

Time to buckle down and get the stuff out of my house!

That's yet another problem I have. Not enough room! Since my fiance and I broke up and I moved in with my roommate I just don't have enough room for all my craft stuffs! In my old house I had two rooms basically full of craft stuff. Once room was my craft room and the other was where I crafted. After 4 months I still have yet to get all my stuff from my Ex's house. He is a sweetheart and doesnt long as I make him a new hat for winter.

well...thats it for now. My ramble at the wee hours of the morning.....night shift is awful on my grammar and writing skills but it is nice to be able to knit small projects.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where to start!

So far so good on making a fan page on FB, although I have a few grips about the layout and user friendliness >:(
1. I haven't been able to tag any of my photos with the made by mummy fan page even though I changed the settings.
2. I cannot receive PM's from interested customers! seriously! So I have to post my email, no biggie but it would eliminate alot of extra work.
3. I get NO notices when people post or comment on the fan page! HOW SERIOUSLY LAME!
4. oddly enough the photo section is the most aggravating! I made one large album then decided to split them up to craft genre and WHAM guess what. you cant. freakn. move them!!!! RAGE

but I have it (mostly) in the form I want and I have alot of questions and orders coming in. My only issue is my personal life! I have so much going on with my kiddo's soccer and girlscouts and my second job its proving to be difficult to find time to craft! EEK!

It will calm down soon I know but man....little crafting time? the blood in my veins cools at the thought :(

But like I said I have a few orders in the books and I received as a gift a large box and tote of tools and accessories for doll making from a co-worker of mine who decided it was time to get rid of unwanted/unused items and focus on her accordian! HOW LUCK AM I? and on top of that....she gave it to me for free! Im so excited! There were scuply tools, doll clay (looked expensive!) eyes, tiny wooden mice, mohair doll hair (OMG) and lots and lots of other things. I cant wait to get started. Planning on making some spooky dolls that don't suck ass. I am SERIOUSLY suprised by the crap that I see on etsy for mucho dinero. There are a few dollmakers that I love that are very reasonable for art dolls, and then I stumble on some douche who is selling a shitty sculpy face on a 2$muslin cloth doll from micheals and calls it ART and trys to sell it for 100$ LAMEYCAKES.

On a sad note I had to redo a baby blanket for a friend of mine that is due soon, I feel so bad since it was almost done and noticed I botched a few rows somehow and it's all lopsided :( a real bummer. Been trying to make more "contemporary" baby blankets with stylish colors that don't scream obviously homemade lameass boring baby blanket that you wont use past year one. I love the hobby lobby brand of yarn so I have been using them as my color wheel lately. My friends blanket (for a boy) is mostly dark maroon with a grey stripe and I was thinking of edging it in black or a was crocheted but now that I have to start over, knit. With large needles LOL. so I hope it gets done before the due date!

In other news, the fiance and I are going to start trying again to have a baby. I had a miscariage in early july and I feel kinda needy....all my friends are having babies and I never got to enjoy my girls since I was younger and at that time none of my friends were into kids LOL. My how times have changed. So I am planning on making a baby set for my imaginary baby....Hoping for a boy since I have 2 girls already. My oldest is 11 and it makes me misty for a baby. Ahhh...damn biological clock is ticking loud!!! LOL

Also hoping that in december some friends and I will have booth at the Iowa What a Load of Craft show! Im super excited :P

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not a huge let down, but still pretty big

I worked really hard on this craft show and I sold maybe 20 dollars worth of items to mildly drunk people and one prego. Son, I has a disappoint.....

Hate to say it but after this I haven't had the urge to craft, my precious hello kitty sewing machine is collecting dust and my needles were empty for a few weeks. But....thanks to alot of posting on facebook I am feeling the urge again! More than a few people are excited about my items and I have made 4 amigurumi cupcakes these last 3 days! More to make but at least it's on my terms and I know I will be getting paid.

So far my etsy sold jack but I plan on putting my items that I have laying around in a box so MAYBE I can get rid of them, but they make great last minute gifts when I forget about a baby shower or birthday party! Believe me...this box is over flowing!
which reminds me! I have about 60 plus baby hats I need to weave in the ends on and wash for donation to the iowa childrens hospital! Its going to be cold soon so I better get these ready!!!

Nothing much else really, I was sick and got really into Frontierville on FB (oh NOES) and went through my bookmarks on my laptop (OMG) and I feel fruitful even in my sickness. Sadly I get really hungry even when hurling and I gained a bit of weight and it makes me cranky! ahhh! and gross!

for my goodness to share this week

a crochet CHICKEN clutch purse
! oh my it doesn't get better than this! so cute!

BABY ROBOT sack/cocoon! WOW! Halloween is right around the corner so get on it!

Fun thing to make with your young child, a memory game from baby food caps!

I wonder if anyone reads this?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ARRRRRRrrrrgh! So much to do!

This week, no this last month has been hellah crazy for my and the family. We not only moved but had to sell my old place (who knew that selling a mobile home for a dollar would prove to be unsuccessful 3 times in a row argh) and I have been trying to get alot of craft stuff done for an upcoming show at a local bar.

My finished pile for the craft "thing" this weekend has grown in size, but mostly due to the fact I have a ton of old items that I made and just boxed away. But now found thanks to moving I found a bunch of this old stuff. FUN. I did make a bunch of shrinky dinks tonight with my daughter. She pretty much did all the characters from the Lenore comics from roman dirge, how cute! Her style is a like a much younger childs in part from her learning disability but she wanted to help and cant wait to see if they sell at the craftything. LOL how adorable. I will try to post pics of the show and our items we made together soon :)


my fun for today was looking at etsy (of course) for cute owl stuff and I purchased a few items but one was for my fiances bday :) a cool elvis pinstripe day of the dead print from MissLuckyHEllcat and a Bento cookbook for ten dollars! I love bento and this book, although in japanese, will be a great additive to my bento collection!

comments welcome as I am really trying to improve my blog

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So many changes!

Things have been so hectic these last few months its been hard to keep my nose above water! I got engaged, moved into a new house, had a hard time selling my other home and all my kids activities have my head in a spin!

But on good note I have an event coming up in cedar rapids where I get to have my own booth to show off my wares whilst listening to 13 different bands in the background. It seems I might be the only "crafter" there so that's kind of a bonus for me. Sure there will be other local artists but not handmade useful items like mine! haha.

In other news I got not one but two business cards, sadly the one my awesome friend Angie made for me had a small misprint (it said ww.esty instead of the typical www but I have my kiddo on it to black sharpie the ww's) and I am awaiting my new design from Mark at Indigo Body Art Gallery in davenport IA which is super amazing rockabilly inspired. He mentioned something about a robocop helmet visor hat...mmm...sounds intrigues me! But I am happy to have not one but two awesome friends that have helped me in my attempt to be a semi professional business person.

hopefully this winter I can save up enough crafts to do the Iowa City "what a load of craft", but I have so much to do between my new esty store and commissions that I might have to ditch the event and buy my Christmas presents instead of making them :/

Sorry about the total ramble and nonsense. I have been working hard this week (2 jobs) and I had a 10 hour day today and a 16 hour day yesterday. So I'm totally enjoying my chair in my new craft room and zoning out. It seems easier than trying plan out how I am going to make a bazillion things before this event in 2 weeks in between kids, work and mundane life.

here are some things that have been keeping me calm and happy this week

SuperPUNCH! my fav blog about geek, art and all things that are awesome!

Pretty little things the name says it all. The most cutest and simplest crafter, she seems to make the most fabulous items out of felt and glue. You really cant help but smile when you look at this blog

and lastly because I am planning a MOST awesome (hopefully) rockabilly/psycho-billy wedding in October 2011 OFFbeatBride the best resource for those wanting a not so normal wedding. I really enjoyed this one couples romantic geek viking wedding (the groomsmen and ring bearer looked like the fellas in that credit card commercial! )

anyways....i really should be organizing crafts and getting my crap in order to get stuff made. but I will probably watch the new episode of True Blood and look up more cute baby sewing patterns and download the new Amanda Palmer covers Radiohead on the Ukulele CD

I would like to add that at the Amanda Palmer site you name your price for the CD, I suggest paying more than the lowest 84 cents...cause its fucking amazing. Of course....cause its Amanda Fucking Palmer!
comments and questions are always appreciated

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ok, it's been a while

So I was awol for awhile. I moved, worked 2 jobs, got engaged and doing the whole girlscout/soccer mom thing.

Im a tired panda for sure. Right now I am working on my craft business to help support my craft addiction/yarn for my donation baby hats and blankets.

Really motivated and inspired right now so I plan on posting more as I produce more items and do more shows :) weee!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New things!

Last week I quit my 3rd job, as in I put in my two weeks prior and no longer do I have to work 65 plus hours a week! Really two jobs is enough for any one person...whew...time to breathe

You know what that means!! More crafting, less stressing. The past month or two have been havoc on me, and my crafting time. My car busted, an uncle died, a tooth got pulled on top of a sinus and double ear infection...YUCK

AND....micheals discontinued some yarn i was using in some baby crafts...which leaves me several things in limbo

on a plus side I got two new books that have inspired me to make more time to craft.

One is "Irresistible gifts to knit" by alan dart *from the bookzine section at Barnes and Nobles and Amigurumi KNits, patterns for 20 cute mini knits by Hansi Singh

Both are super cute and amazing photography, I can't wait to make a praying mantis or anglerfish complete with parasitic male!

I hope to post some photos soon of the MANY things I have made over the last month or two. :)

Happy crafting!