Thursday, January 1, 2009

Your craft partner sucks

The holidays are stressful, full of money worries, racing around and it seems less and less thought is put into gifts *not all, but alot* being in retail I rarely come across a customer who seems to really know the person they are shopping for.....and always end up getting a gift card or something on clearance *which is bad luck...LOL*


I was very excited over my gifts this Christmas. Normally I don't get much if anything at all, Bill spoiled me last year with a winter coat and this year our house was gifted with an awesome large box of ARCHIE MCPHEE goodness. awesome. My boyfriends step dad gave me 50 dollars, which I spent on a present for Tori (sadly I couldn't afford her one and this was a great opportunity that I couldn't pass up so she now has a large Indiana Jones car scene chase set!) and Tom gave me a coffin case purse! WOW! Never before have I had so many good things happen to me on a holiday.

I feel bad since these things are materialistic and that shouldn't be what makes the holidays great, but it was nice to get my oldest daughter something cool and rubbing giant devil duckies on my person was awesome, and coffins...pfft...always amazing!

But I was saddened the other day when I noticed a gal on my craftster group got totally hosed by her swap partner on a nightmare before xmas swap (i wasnt able to join this as I had school going on and didn't have the time)


she posted the pictures of what she made, needless to say I would have shat my pants to receive such amazing jack skellington goodies....but her partner.....sent her...well...crap... And i mean that in the most pooey part of the word. Poor gal received 5 items that were basically mundane (notebook, glass jar, cup) and were white poofy painted with jacks face....damn freakin sad......

So I wrote her telling her that I felt bad that she got crap for xmas. seriously....she got crap....and I wanted to be the person who turned that around. So I asked if she would send me her addy so I could make her some NBC stuff and make her (and her daughter) uber happy...and in return...I get nice warm

She is an amazing lady and the swap left a bad taste in her mouth, and her daughter and her were looking forward to seeing what they were going to get...and now....they will both get a chance to get something personal and hand made!

Already I have completed a skellington tea cozy and I plan on sending her my acrylic portraits of Jack and Sally that I did 8 years ago. More is in the works...and like always I will use what I have!


warm fuzzies nice things....for no other reason than it makes you feel good...

and maybe someday...I might make you a tea cozy too...


happy new year!

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