Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Idle hands

<----Thats me folks Photo by salemburn Hey, I see you there....come join me in crocheting something cute and AWESOME Over the last month or so I have been job hunting, and it sucks. So I have alot of free time at night to crochet and knit for charity (over 50 hats, 3 blankets, 2 bonnets and 3 toys made!) and do whatever I want craft wise. Oddly enough, I have yet to become bored with it! It's been super amazing to sit down and read patterns and for the first time, make my own! Nothing worth posting yet, still getting the hang of it really. But it's a good start towards making my own pattern book! :) I wish I could remember all that I have made in the last month or two but it's been a blur.

For sure I made: two doggie sweaters that were actually a cat hoodie pattern, one for my friend's dog Bella (boston terrier) and one for my mum's dog (jack russell)

a cupcake and ice cream cone purse

mom tattoo heart

an amigurumi eel

a zombie hello kitty

a ami styled Kuromi that I free handed

a mini hello kitty that I designed upon a friend's request for something tiny for charity

nintento mushroom purse(based upon the cupcake purse pattern)

a jack skellington tea cozy

knitted zero

knitted wine cozy, pattern from (go there its awesome)

I also made some amigurumi veggies, elephant and baby blocks for my boyfriends new niece, she loved them and promptly drooled upon them as if to claim them as hers!

Needless to say that I am quickly running out of yarn! It's a great feeling to get so much done!

Sadly I only have a few pics from the above projects ENJOY!

PS (all patterns are hyperlinked to the description! Free patterns yeah!)

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