Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New things!

Last week I quit my 3rd job, as in I put in my two weeks prior and no longer do I have to work 65 plus hours a week! Really two jobs is enough for any one person...whew...time to breathe

You know what that means!! More crafting, less stressing. The past month or two have been havoc on me, and my crafting time. My car busted, an uncle died, a tooth got pulled on top of a sinus and double ear infection...YUCK

AND....micheals discontinued some yarn i was using in some baby crafts...which leaves me several things in limbo

on a plus side I got two new books that have inspired me to make more time to craft.

One is "Irresistible gifts to knit" by alan dart *from the bookzine section at Barnes and Nobles and Amigurumi KNits, patterns for 20 cute mini knits by Hansi Singh

Both are super cute and amazing photography, I can't wait to make a praying mantis or anglerfish complete with parasitic male!

I hope to post some photos soon of the MANY things I have made over the last month or two. :)

Happy crafting!

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