Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not a huge let down, but still pretty big

I worked really hard on this craft show and I sold maybe 20 dollars worth of items to mildly drunk people and one prego. Son, I has a disappoint.....

Hate to say it but after this I haven't had the urge to craft, my precious hello kitty sewing machine is collecting dust and my needles were empty for a few weeks. But....thanks to alot of posting on facebook I am feeling the urge again! More than a few people are excited about my items and I have made 4 amigurumi cupcakes these last 3 days! More to make but at least it's on my terms and I know I will be getting paid.

So far my etsy sold jack but I plan on putting my items that I have laying around in a box so MAYBE I can get rid of them, but they make great last minute gifts when I forget about a baby shower or birthday party! Believe me...this box is over flowing!
which reminds me! I have about 60 plus baby hats I need to weave in the ends on and wash for donation to the iowa childrens hospital! Its going to be cold soon so I better get these ready!!!

Nothing much else really, I was sick and got really into Frontierville on FB (oh NOES) and went through my bookmarks on my laptop (OMG) and I feel fruitful even in my sickness. Sadly I get really hungry even when hurling and I gained a bit of weight and it makes me cranky! ahhh! and gross!

for my goodness to share this week

a crochet CHICKEN clutch purse
! oh my it doesn't get better than this! so cute!

BABY ROBOT sack/cocoon! WOW! Halloween is right around the corner so get on it!

Fun thing to make with your young child, a memory game from baby food caps!

I wonder if anyone reads this?

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