Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where to start!

So far so good on making a fan page on FB, although I have a few grips about the layout and user friendliness >:(
1. I haven't been able to tag any of my photos with the made by mummy fan page even though I changed the settings.
2. I cannot receive PM's from interested customers! seriously! So I have to post my email, no biggie but it would eliminate alot of extra work.
3. I get NO notices when people post or comment on the fan page! HOW SERIOUSLY LAME!
4. oddly enough the photo section is the most aggravating! I made one large album then decided to split them up to craft genre and WHAM guess what. you cant. freakn. move them!!!! RAGE

but I have it (mostly) in the form I want and I have alot of questions and orders coming in. My only issue is my personal life! I have so much going on with my kiddo's soccer and girlscouts and my second job its proving to be difficult to find time to craft! EEK!

It will calm down soon I know but man....little crafting time? the blood in my veins cools at the thought :(

But like I said I have a few orders in the books and I received as a gift a large box and tote of tools and accessories for doll making from a co-worker of mine who decided it was time to get rid of unwanted/unused items and focus on her accordian! HOW LUCK AM I? and on top of that....she gave it to me for free! Im so excited! There were scuply tools, doll clay (looked expensive!) eyes, tiny wooden mice, mohair doll hair (OMG) and lots and lots of other things. I cant wait to get started. Planning on making some spooky dolls that don't suck ass. I am SERIOUSLY suprised by the crap that I see on etsy for mucho dinero. There are a few dollmakers that I love that are very reasonable for art dolls, and then I stumble on some douche who is selling a shitty sculpy face on a 2$muslin cloth doll from micheals and calls it ART and trys to sell it for 100$ LAMEYCAKES.

On a sad note I had to redo a baby blanket for a friend of mine that is due soon, I feel so bad since it was almost done and noticed I botched a few rows somehow and it's all lopsided :( a real bummer. Been trying to make more "contemporary" baby blankets with stylish colors that don't scream obviously homemade lameass boring baby blanket that you wont use past year one. I love the hobby lobby brand of yarn so I have been using them as my color wheel lately. My friends blanket (for a boy) is mostly dark maroon with a grey stripe and I was thinking of edging it in black or a navy.....it was crocheted but now that I have to start over, knit. With large needles LOL. so I hope it gets done before the due date!

In other news, the fiance and I are going to start trying again to have a baby. I had a miscariage in early july and I feel kinda needy....all my friends are having babies and I never got to enjoy my girls since I was younger and at that time none of my friends were into kids LOL. My how times have changed. So I am planning on making a baby set for my imaginary baby....Hoping for a boy since I have 2 girls already. My oldest is 11 and it makes me misty for a baby. Ahhh...damn biological clock is ticking loud!!! LOL

Also hoping that in december some friends and I will have booth at the Iowa What a Load of Craft show! Im super excited :P

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