Sunday, July 25, 2010

ARRRRRRrrrrgh! So much to do!

This week, no this last month has been hellah crazy for my and the family. We not only moved but had to sell my old place (who knew that selling a mobile home for a dollar would prove to be unsuccessful 3 times in a row argh) and I have been trying to get alot of craft stuff done for an upcoming show at a local bar.

My finished pile for the craft "thing" this weekend has grown in size, but mostly due to the fact I have a ton of old items that I made and just boxed away. But now found thanks to moving I found a bunch of this old stuff. FUN. I did make a bunch of shrinky dinks tonight with my daughter. She pretty much did all the characters from the Lenore comics from roman dirge, how cute! Her style is a like a much younger childs in part from her learning disability but she wanted to help and cant wait to see if they sell at the craftything. LOL how adorable. I will try to post pics of the show and our items we made together soon :)


my fun for today was looking at etsy (of course) for cute owl stuff and I purchased a few items but one was for my fiances bday :) a cool elvis pinstripe day of the dead print from MissLuckyHEllcat and a Bento cookbook for ten dollars! I love bento and this book, although in japanese, will be a great additive to my bento collection!

comments welcome as I am really trying to improve my blog

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