Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So many changes!

Things have been so hectic these last few months its been hard to keep my nose above water! I got engaged, moved into a new house, had a hard time selling my other home and all my kids activities have my head in a spin!

But on good note I have an event coming up in cedar rapids where I get to have my own booth to show off my wares whilst listening to 13 different bands in the background. It seems I might be the only "crafter" there so that's kind of a bonus for me. Sure there will be other local artists but not handmade useful items like mine! haha.

In other news I got not one but two business cards, sadly the one my awesome friend Angie made for me had a small misprint (it said ww.esty instead of the typical www but I have my kiddo on it to black sharpie the ww's) and I am awaiting my new design from Mark at Indigo Body Art Gallery in davenport IA which is super amazing rockabilly inspired. He mentioned something about a robocop helmet visor hat...mmm...sounds intrigues me! But I am happy to have not one but two awesome friends that have helped me in my attempt to be a semi professional business person.

hopefully this winter I can save up enough crafts to do the Iowa City "what a load of craft", but I have so much to do between my new esty store and commissions that I might have to ditch the event and buy my Christmas presents instead of making them :/

Sorry about the total ramble and nonsense. I have been working hard this week (2 jobs) and I had a 10 hour day today and a 16 hour day yesterday. So I'm totally enjoying my chair in my new craft room and zoning out. It seems easier than trying plan out how I am going to make a bazillion things before this event in 2 weeks in between kids, work and mundane life.

here are some things that have been keeping me calm and happy this week

SuperPUNCH! my fav blog about geek, art and all things that are awesome!

Pretty little things the name says it all. The most cutest and simplest crafter, she seems to make the most fabulous items out of felt and glue. You really cant help but smile when you look at this blog

and lastly because I am planning a MOST awesome (hopefully) rockabilly/psycho-billy wedding in October 2011 OFFbeatBride the best resource for those wanting a not so normal wedding. I really enjoyed this one couples romantic geek viking wedding (the groomsmen and ring bearer looked like the fellas in that credit card commercial! )

anyways....i really should be organizing crafts and getting my crap in order to get stuff made. but I will probably watch the new episode of True Blood and look up more cute baby sewing patterns and download the new Amanda Palmer covers Radiohead on the Ukulele CD

I would like to add that at the Amanda Palmer site you name your price for the CD, I suggest paying more than the lowest 84 cents...cause its fucking amazing. Of course....cause its Amanda Fucking Palmer!
comments and questions are always appreciated

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